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Relax and Let it go

Release And Let It Go – the amazing revolutionary relaxation therapy, you have never seen the like of in your life

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What is RaliGo therapy? a new revolutionary therapy by EFTMIND institute.

RaliGo is a cleansing, massaging and refining mind and body process that combines various subjective and physical relaxation techniques and incorporates them into the “EFT” miracle technique that simultaneously brings together all the minds and bodies in a few sessions. It dramatically relieves you from the stresses and negative emotions of today’s world.

RaliGo consists of several action steps that creates multitude of changes to your body’s health and mind, relaxation and beauty, which will be done within an hour and a half in a delightful and relaxing environment with experienced therapists.

Practical steps in Relaxation RaliGo:

– Before you start treatment we shall welcome you with snacks and RaliGo’s special detox beverage, rich in vitamins and natural energizing and detoxifying substances.

– Brain Yoga

– Relaxation of the muscles, Facial and Massage, a Day Spa type treatment

– Perform a practical EFT session to eliminate stress and daily tension

– Relaxation and regeneration of the face

– Detoxification of the body through the feet

– Stimulation and massage of hand meridian spots

– Opens the main body Chakras via relaxation, resulting improved Heart Health

– Relaxation boost and increase energy and reducing Physical pains in body

– Luxury Reception with relaxing and refreshing drinks

– And lastly, we’ll treat you to a combination of a natural caviar mask that is rich in omega-3 vitamins and essential nutrients.
After the end of therapy, you will be served with a refreshing organic drink from our special RaliGo menu.


The changes that the RaliGo make in your body:

– The left side of the brain and the right side of the brain aligns and balances

– destroys Anxiety

– Raises Mind Focus and energy

– Activates the Alpha rays in the brains, Reduces mental stress and improves mental stability.

– Increases brain power

– The thoughts that cause the stress in the mind will be eliminated

– Destructive emotions are cleansed

– Eliminates insomnia and improves sleep quality

– It balances the body’s energy levels

– Relaxes the mood and the mind

– Reduces tension in the muscles

– Balances the Blood pressure

– Reduces the body’s need to oxygen

– Reduces bruising and tiredness

– Gets rid of Anxiety

– Removes stress from the entire body

– By stimulating the meridian points in the foot, it relaxes the mind

– Nerve arteries relax the palms of your feet

– Detoxify the whole body

– Increases the immune system

– Increases sexual energy

– The circulation of the blood and under the skin increases

– Due to more collagen secretion, it prevents skin wrinkles

– It stimulates the skin and makes the skin clear

– Reduces pain and headaches

– Reduces Tension and stress from shoulders

– Erases all the negative energy stored in the body

– Helps to deliver blood to all parts of the body

– It turns emotional weakness into emotional strength

– By clearing the Chakras, it helps you identify your true potential and understand your real goal to come to this world.

– The blockage of the first and second Chakras cause our financial problems. When root and sacral equilibrium chakras are balanced, financial problems become out of their sensitivity and disappear.

RaliGo is the first method that has been designed with such an entirely different and effective infrastructure by Yasmin Golchin, master EFT practitioner, using the EFT technique.


RaliGo Steps in detail:

Super brain yoga

What are the benefits of supper brain yoga exercise?
-It energizes and activates the brain by synchronizing Alpha brain waves
-Aligns and balances the left side and right side of the brain
-Reduces psychological stress and improves psychological stability
-Reduce anxiety
-Increase concentration of thought
-Increase level of energy
-Maximize brains power


EFT for eliminating stress

What is the benefits of stress eft tapping?
-Eliminating stress from your mind and body
-Helping to improve sleep quality
-Boosting energy levels
-Makes you calm and relax
– Relieve your fuzzy thinking and foggy focus


Detox – The sole of your feet controls your entire body

Massaging the pressure points on feet and other parts of the body benefits your physical and emotional health much more than you realize. However, when combined with a foot-toxin-soak, the benefit will multiply.
10 ways that a foot-toxin-soak and message can benefit health:-
1. Reduces your stress level
2. Relaxes your mind and body, removing fatigue
3. Detoxe your body
4. Relaxes the nervous system
5. Improves sexual energy and activity
6. Balances body energy to maintains overall good health
7. Improves your resistance to disease
8. Boosts collagen production and strengthens the facial muscles, resulting in reduction of facial wrinkles
9. Eases the emotional effects of trauma (which can cause the body to shut down)
10. Corrects negativity and emotional imbalances


Facial taping and relaxation

What are the benefits of Facial taping and relaxation?
-Toning the muscles of the face and increasing the blood circulation.
-Taping helps in pulling back the loose skin in the opposition direction and giving a face lift
-Increase collagen under your face skin


Hands meridian points concentration

What is the benefit of concentrating on hands meridian points?
-It reduces headaches and stress
– Relives shoulder tension and anxiety
-Restore body energy


Clearing main chakras relaxation

Chakras have a direct impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of an individual
The benefits of clearing blocked chakras are:
-It helps your body to remain stable and calm in the modern world
-It helps our blood can flows to all organs through the channels without any obstruction
-It removes Bad Energy Stored in the Body
– It helps to realize your true potential and taps into the spiritual realm and achieves your true objective of coming in this world.
– It is Beneficial in Transforming Your Weakness into Your Strength
– First and second chakras are said to be responsible for our finances. When the root and sacral chakras are balanced, we let the energy pass and unblock all the financial blocks
– Allows You to Express and Release Emotions in a Healthy Manner


Organic Caviar face mask

In the final stage, you will be treated to an organic RaliGo caviar face mask, full of Omega3, vitamins and skin nutrients. Not only this mask is amazingly relaxing and luxurious, it helps reduce your wrinkles and any black pimples and completely rejuvenates the skin.

When RaliGo is concluded, as our VIP guest, you will be served with yet another refreshing and relaxing organic beverage of your choice from our extensive hot and cold beverages menu.

NOTE: RaliGo takes place at location in our EFTMIND office in Tarzana, Los Angeles, not remotely.

For price of packages and to make your reservation, please contact our LA office:-

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818-514-6865 or 747-252-8300


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