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EFTmind – Private Sessions with Certified EFT master practitioners

Do you feel Depressed or fed up of feeling sad?

Do you suffer from anxiety, fear of public speaking, have Phobias, Angers, low self-esteem, have relationship problems, emotional issues or suffer from grief / loss?

Do you suffer financial issues, feel guilt, feel trapped, or fed up with relinquishing  your health and happiness to psychologists and doctors, sick and tired of these expensive and ineffective treatments? 


You can change your life with tapping and take your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands.

Our EFT private sessions can help you discover the root cause of your specific issue and get to the bottom of why a specific issue is holding such a charge for you; EFT provides a safe space for you to explore and clear your emotions, and assists you in clearing your emotional blockages, adjust your nervous system, clear your subconscious mind from negative memories and reprograms your mind with positive, happy and safe emotions, keeping you on track to achieve your life objectives.

We offer 2 types of private sessions; in our experience, most issues need no more than 4 sessions.

  • Online Skype session $250 each:  One  hour Skype  session to eliminate the root cause of your issue using EFT. 

  • Personal one-on-one sessions $350 each: One hour personal session in our TARZANA office, located in Los Angeles. Number of sessions vary according to the issue in question; please call us for more detail. (due to COVID-19, no face-to-face sessions are available right now until further notice)

In majority of cases, 3 to 5 sessions are required depending on the problem. In most cases phobias or grief needs only 1 session. If you have been to other therapy sessions each week for many years, paying $100 to $200 for each visit and never got any results and taken plenty of harmful medication, I feel your pain. EFT can offer permanent solution with NO MEDICATION and NO SIDE EFFECTS.

For more information and to reserve your appointment session, please contact our office in Tarzana California Tel: +1 818-514-6865

Cancellation Policy: Any session cancelled less than 14 days of that date of that session will not be refunded and full payment for that session will be retained by EFTmind. Cancellation prior to 14 days from the first appointment incurs a $50 administration charge.




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